USA Student Visa Interview Question

USA is the dream country for many of the students to complete their degree. The most challenging part to study in USA is the USA Student Visa Interview. Many smart people lose their confident in front of the consular due to the lack of the well preparation. So be the one who can solve every task in pressure also. We have here listed collection of some sample USA Student Visa Interview Question.

Today we are going to share most frequently asked questions in the USA Student Visa Interview. These questions are the most helpful who are planning to study in USA. We categorized here different section for the question to be asked, i.e. educational part, your previous back ground and your financial background.

Even though the Sample question we provide below are the most frequent question asked in USA Student Visa interview but sometime it may be vary depending on the documents that you show.

Most Frequent USA Student Visa Interview Question Sample Questions:

Why you choose USA for Study?
What is the name of the College/ University that you choose?
In you don’t choose the College/ University in your Country?
Tell me something about your College/ University..
What is your Major?
Why you Choose this Major?
If you change your major; be prepared that you will be asked why you change your Major?
Who is your Sponsor?
What do they do?
If your parents run some company, make sure that the number of employee in your company. According to the many successful candidate of USA student visa interview, they are asked about their parents company and the numbers of employee.

Note: For USA Student Visa Interview Question

If you are applying for the off session i.e. rather than January and August;

Why you are applying at this off session time?
If you are applying for ESL i.e English as Second Language program you might be asked

Your English is good enough, why you want to spend more money on this program?
How much time it will take to complete this English Course?

Now, from the July 2016; USA Embassy is more focused on the academic background of the students so we suggest you be prepared on your subject matter.

According to the some students who got student visa of USA, sometime they are asked their course subject matter. For e.g. those student who are applying for the IT program be prepared for the basic subject matter of the course that you choose.

We highly encourage to you share your opinion to the comment box below about your experience in USA Student Visa interview and share this content who are applying for USA in F1 Visa.