F1 Visa Academic Studies

F1 Visa is the most common type of non-immigrant student visa. F-1 visa is issued to students or researchers who wish to study or conduct research at an accredited US college, university, high school, private elementary school, approved English language school, or other approved academic institutions. Students issued an F-1 visa are expected to complete their studies in the nominated time.

F1 visa Process

In order to be qualified for an F1 visa, a recognized school, college, or university as a full time student and have proof of sufficient financial support must accept students during their stay in the US.
An F-1 student can stay in the US as long as he/she is enrolled in a school, college, university, seminary, conservatory, or other academic institution. F-1 visa applicants must obtain an I-20 form from their college or university in order to apply. F-1 visas are only issued in US embassies and consulates outside the US.
Excluding any training required by a course, F-1 visa holders cannot work in the United States. F-1 students are only eligible to work part-time on campus for up to 20 hours per week.
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